Principal’s Message

We have come to the end of yet another successful year for the SLSM. Prior to the AGM we witnessed the opening of the Archives Building built by the
school to commemorate the.

On behalf of the SLSM I wish to take this opportunity to thank our students and
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Chairman’s Message

It is with great pleasure I place this note on the Sri Lankan School website. For more than two decades, Sri Lankan School Muscat has set the standard for quality education, focussing all its resources into the development of responsible young adults who venture into the world with a mission

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It was the year 1989. Thanks to the foresight of a few visionary Sri Lankans, Sri Lankans in Oman were witnessing a unique event, the birth of a school with a national flavour, headed by a Sri Lankan Principal with Sri Lankan teachers,

The obstacles and challenges were many, and at times appeared insurmountable, yet with dedication and courage to achieve the noble goal of establishing an educational institute that would be capable of providing quality education at an affordable price, these were overcome

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