Principals Message

I am indeed very pleased to be back, this time to be at the helm to steer the ship of SLSM to the very heights that I envisioned, as was my dream during my tenure in office as Acting Principal (2009-2010) and Deputy Principal from 2010-2012. (My dream was to steer SLSM to be the best school in the world).


No doubt, that I am very thankful to all the past members of the Boards of Directors, past Principals, members of the staff and the current Board of Directors for their immense contribution in dedicated service , for bringing the school to the standards it has reached today, as one of the leading International Schools in Oman. I am proud to be the Principal of such a school, and I am proud that I too had a hand in its development in the past.


Now it is my mission to take it from strength to strength even surpassing the glory it has accumulated over the years in producing world ranking achievers at International examinations. My intention is to introduce novel strategies in order to create a pleasant environment in which the teaching-learning process reaches a maximum.

It is my earnest dream to steer SLSM to be the Best School in the world.



Neel Subasinghe

Sri Lankan School Muscat