The Department of English
The English Department of Sri Lankan School Muscat comprises of seven teachers who are well qualified in their respective fields and possess a wealth of experience long them. 
The unique feature of the department is that it is well organized in order to cater to the diverse needs of the students. Being the most active department of the school, it maintains an excellent rapport among the teachers and the students which pave the way to obtain good results at the school and public examinations. The department consists of many societies and clubs. 
  • 1.      English Literary Association
  • 2.      Public Speaking and Debating Society
  • 3.      Junior English Club
  • 4.      Compeering Pool and Broadcasting Unit
Annually the department takes the initiative in organizing many activities for the students. Inter House Drama Competition, Language Day, Inter House Debate Competition and Public Speaking Competition are one of the major contests. 
The department endeavors to make all the students confident and competent emcees. 
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